Fratelli D'Acunzi Srl is a canned food and vegetable industry founded in 1958 in the heart of the Sarnese-Nocerino countryside, in Nocera Superiore, in Campania. Three well-known local traders: Salvatore, Filippo and Pasquale, decided to give a productive structure to their activities, creating a small family business, namely the SNC "Fratelli D'Acunzi". The three brothers were merchants of all kinds of food and also owned a small shop in the village, left to them by their parents, Pasquale and Raffaella (known by all as Faiolla). The processing took place throughout the year, as all kinds of food products were marketed and stored, from vegetables to fruit. From the very first years of our life, our spearhead was the transformation of the typical San Marzano tomato.


The desire to grow and the dreams of these entrepreneurs led the company to be present not only on the local and national territory but also, predominantly, on the international one. The demand grew, concurrently with the offer. In the early months of 1965, the first commercial relationships were established with foreign customers, mainly in Canada and America. Mainly tomatoes and peaches were intended for the international market.


In 1970 the general partnership becomes a limited liability company. The production and process diversification increased, without ever lowering the quality of the stored products. This was and still is our basic philosophy: to grow in quantity but never lower the high recognized quality standard.


Over the years there have been various health problems, which have alienated the three brothers. Since 1991, the children of the now sole shareholder Filippo D'Acunzi have actively taken over. The company continued to grow and forces were increasingly focused on canned tomatoes, peaches and legumes.


The processing of other products was less and less, those of the various types of tomatoes grew constantly. This production diversification has led the company to preserve, in addition to the usual long tomato and San Marzano DOP, the diced tomato, the datterino tomato, the concentrated tomato, the hill tomatoes, the tomato puree and the ready sauces.
L company was now rooted in several international countries and the export of real Made in Italy became, more and more, our strength. The winter processing, of peaches and legumes, had now been completely put away in the background from summer processing, centered on tomatoes.
Fratelli D'Acunzi srl decided to continue processing various types of tomatoes and some legumes on site. The rest of the products were simply marketed.


From father to son, from 1958 to today, Fratelli D'Acunzi is facing a new generational change, as some children of the 4 current partners have taken the same path as their predecessors, with absolute determination. The innovations in the company continue, not only of product but also of process. In addition to the typical tin containers, other sustainable containers are also used, such as glass, such as to allow a direct view of the internal product without defects. In addition to small containers for domestic use, larger sizes are also used, destined for Ho.re.ca channels, such as restaurants, pizzerias, canteens and catering. Our strengths are the consolidated relationship with suppliers, company employees and customers. The staff is always trained, monitored, protected and motivated, in order to create a dynamic and competitive work environment.

organization chart

Crudele Clelia

  • Amministratore Unico (AU)
  • Responsabile Servizio Prevenzione e Protezione (RSPP)

[email protected]

D'Acunzi Giovanni

  • Rappresentante della Direzione Qualità (RGQ)
  • Responsabile HACCP (RHACCP)
  • Rappresentante dei lavoratori per la sicurezza (RLS)
  • Responsabile Squadra Gestione Emergenze (RSGE)
  • Responsabile Ambiente (RA)
  • Responsabile Produzione (RP)

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D'Acunzi Raffaella

  • Responsabile Trattamento Dati (RTD)
  • Direzione Amministrativa (DA)

[email protected]

D'Acunzi Pasquale

  • Responsabile Commerciale (RCOM)
  • Responsabile Approvvigionamenti (RACQ)

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