"La Carmela"

Red Line / Yellow Line / Legumes

The "La Carmela" brand was born with the establishment of the same company, back in 1958. The D’acunzi brothers decided to dedicate their brand to a family member, dear to them, Carmela, who she had just disappeared. For us, the family has always been the center of everything and it is precisely from this union that today the company draws its advantage and its competitive strength. La Carmela is a very present brand on the national and international territory and is easily recognizable for the beautiful woman present on traditional packaging. Carmela has always been synonymous with quality and goodness. The international markets immediately appreciated the brand so much that today the foreign market volume exceeds the national one. The “La Carmela” brand has been rooted throughout the world for years world, in areas like Japan, America, Canada, England, Australia, France, Germany, Holland, Brazil, Australia, Czech Republic etc. To satisfy such vast and demanding markets, the quality standards are very high and this is a source of pride and pride for all those who love our products and who work with us.