The organic logo and the labeling system have the task of assuring the consumer that the product they are buying has been obtained by following the Regulations in all details. European Union on organic farming.

Bios in Latin means life. Organic farming originates from a type of cultivation that is based on the care of soil fertility and the nutritional balance of the environment in which it is grown. In addition to improving and increasing the organic fertility of the soil, it will be essential to rotate or alternate crops. There must be at least two cycles of different crops, of which at least one of legumes or a green manure, between a crop and its return to the same soil. The organic cultivation will be able, with the creation of hedges and trees, to improve the biodiversity of the territory and protect the crops. Organic farming is based on respect for the agrosystem and the environment. The use of used phytosanitary products in biological agricultural processes they differentiate it from conventional agricultural practices. The products used are of natural and organic origin and do not contain any additives and / or synthetic substances. The idea of ​​ecological agriculture arises from the need to find new cultivation methods with a very low environmental impact. The main objectives set for an organic cultivation are:

  • Transforming a company into a self-sufficient agricultural system by drawing on local resources;

  • Safeguard the natural fertility of the soil;

  • Avoid all forms of pollution caused by traditional agricultural techniques;

  • Produce food of high nutritional quality.

Organic farming is certainly limited in terms of quantity and that is why it is considered a niche sector. The yields of organic farming strongly depend on the presence of a strong conventional agriculture, since to produce the same quantities an organic cultivation would need more fertile soils to cultivate. For this reason, the prices of organic products are constantly higher than the average for non-organic products. Organic farming is the only form of agriculture controlled under European and national laws. Therefore, we are not based on self-declarations by the manufacturer but on a uniform Control System throughout the European Union.


Together to improve our planet and common well-being. This is our company philosophy. This is the starting point and the ending point of our work. An alliance between farmers and companies will be essential to develop organic farming in full respect of the land and the fruits that you have given us. Programming conscious production will be the basis for promoting conscious consumption.

Organic cultivation says no to GMOs, because they are a threat to agriculture, food and the high risk of soil contamination