Our San Marzano DOP


San Marzano DOP is considered the king of all types of tomatoes, for its particular taste, its color, its major organoleptic and health properties. This fantastic product is grown in the province of Salerno, Naples and in some areas of Avellino identified by a specific disciplinary. The areas suitable for this type of cultivation are categorically confined to the territories described above. The Agro Sarnese-Nocerino area extends into the Sarno plain and is suitable for the cultivation of San Marzano Dop, thanks to the particular characteristics conferred by the pyroclastic material of volcanic origin present. The soils of the Agro Sarnese-Nocerino are very deep, soft, with a good amount of organic substance and with springs and aquifers of different depths.

The area is affected by the beneficial presence of the sea and, even if the rains fail in the summer months, the air humidity remains optimal for their growth. Our farmers carry out the cultivation, categorically by hand. This is done in the summer months, without forcing practices that can alter the biological cycle of tomatoes.

F.lli D'Acunzi has always worked with San Marzano tomatoes, packaging whole peeled products, in tins or in glass. The flagship of our production is certainly the packaging of San Marzano DOP in "Tamburella".

The tomatoes, placed in the boxes in a dormant position, maintain all the most important and genuine characteristics. The seeds, cultivation and processing of San Marzano PDO are governed by a Community regulation, controlled by an entity that guarantees its protection and protection until final approval. Each single box will be numbered on the label if it respects the pre-established quality standards.