Ortod'Oro Line

Ortod’Oro was born a few years later of the "La Carmela" brand, during a very important period of expansion for the company. Ortod’Oro was born following specific requests from some markets and some customers who were looking for a high quality alternative to the first corporate brand. And here they are satisfied with products from the best gardens in Southern Italy. Ortod’Oro products are harvested from our best lands, as is the case with the "La Carmela" brand. Attention to every detail and attention to detail is not a prerogative of a specific brand, it is a company philosophy that fits perfectly with the products handled by all our brands. For Ortod’Oro, only some of the many products handled by our company are processed. The production for this brand takes place in the same period as the others and this allows us to maintain the same unchanged quality standards. For us there is only the highest quality of all products processed by "Fratelli D'Acunzi Srl". Ortod’Oro is a brand present in many areas of the national and international territory, such as in France, America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Holland and others.