Purchase conditions

If you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can contact us at [email protected]
If you have a problem which has not been fixed by our tech support, unused items can be returned for product and / or reference change, store credit or refund within 14 days from the date of shipment.
Products must be returned in their original packaging and we do not refund products damaged due to a unsuitable and / or insufficient packaging.
Please use a protective outer box to prevent damage in transit. The return must first be approved by F.lli D'acunzi s.r.l.

Return instructions

To request a return authorization, the Customer must send a request to the address e-mail [email protected] no later than 14 days from receipt of the ordered products. In e-mail must specify the codes of the items to be returned and the compensation desired: product and / or reference change, store credit, or refund. Once the request for returned, F.lli D'acunzi s.r.l. will send the Customer a written confirmation, containing the Authorization Number to Returned; the return must be made with the courier indicated in the e-mail sent by [email protected]. The Return Authorization Number must be written on the waybill, which must be completed as indicated in the authorization email received from the returns department of F.lli D'acunzi s.r.l .. (The Courier will bring a waybill when collecting the package); The return shipment will be charged to the customer.


The customer can choose 3 types of compensation.

  • Change product and / or reference: You can make the change the reference if available, or make a product change. There is only one change of goods free for each authorized return. For orders of less than € 250, there are charges of shipping for the second return of the goods equal to 12 euros, payable on delivery or 7 euros by credit card.
  • Store Credit: Can be used only once within 1 month from the time of return and not it can be combined with other Store Credit. It must be used entirely in an order of value equal or higher
  • Refund: For orders paid by credit card, the amount will be visible on the statement customer's credit card account after a minimum of 30 days from the refund date. The timing it may vary slightly depending on the bank circuit of the credit card used. The return costs goods will be charged to the customer upon receipt. For orders paid with "Paypal" or with bank transfer the amount will be returned to the original account. For orders paid on delivery, no it will be possible to activate the refund mode, but only one of the others. The return of products must arrive at the headquarters of F.lli D'acunzi s.r.l. within 4 days of receiving written authorization to the customer by our Returns department, and the refund will be made within 30 days of receipt of the products.

  • Terms and conditions

    The products must not have been opened and / or damaged and must not show any signs of use. Returns must be sent inside the F.lli D'acunzi s.r.l. box or in any other packaging safe and of adequate size. In the event that the customer receives defective goods, or yes errors occur in shipments by F.lli D'acunzi s.r.l., it is required to follow the same instructions above. F.lli D'acunzi s.r.l. reserves the right to request photographic evidence before authorizing returns for defective goods and bear the shipping costs for the return of the goods to your own locals. F.lli D'acunzi s.r.l. reserves the right to refuse unauthorized returns. The acceptance of such returns however, it involves a charge equal to 30% of the value of the returned goods. F.lli D'acunzi s.r.l. will not accept the returned goods if the return does not comply with all the terms and conditions provided by the policy return. In these cases, the goods will be returned to the sender at the original shipping address. However, the acceptance of such returns involves a charge equal to 30% of the amount paid.