The "Specials"

"Processing as it once was" is the spirit that we carry on in the preserves of the "Speciali" line. This process includes controlled and certified products. These types of tomatoes come to the company from our suppliers, who grow them by hand and in full respect of the land. In glass and tin, we work the datterino tomato, the Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP, the Corbarino, the San Marzano DOP, the long tomato fillets, the yellow tomatoes, the yellow datterini tomatoes, the long yellow tomato puree and other products, based on specific production requests. The products destined for the "Speciali" line are handcrafted by "our beloved ladies", treated like jewels from their washing to their conservation and destined for pasteurization in water or steam at the right temperature. So only a highly selected raw material, the delicate hands of our workers and the warmth of all of us are the only ingredients of these excellent products, much loved by demanding consumers and chefs from all over the world.