Our raw material

The raw material used for all our products comes from the best Campania and Puglia lands. All of our suppliers have been chosen according to very high-quality standards and a lasting relationship has been established with each of them based on trust and professionalism. Every year, we ensure that our crops are the best possible quality.

It will be our concern to discard those that do not meet our production standards and the various needs of our loyal consumers. All crops will need to be ready or designed for quiet summer processing. The months of ripening and harvesting vary according to the type of tomato. 70% of the products we process in the summer come from Campania, from the San Marzano DOP to the round tomato and the long tomato, including Piennolo and Corbarino, while the long peeled tomato comes in conspicuous quantities from the Apulian lands.

Respect for production standards and professional correctness are and will always be one of the fundamental points of our modus operandi. Carmela and Ortod’Oro use high quality, controlled and certified raw materials.


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